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Our Process - From Consultation to Installation



Our sales rep  will meet with you 
in  your  home  to   discuss  your  
project   plans,  possible  design  
ideas   and  a   budget.   At   this

FREE In-Home Consultation we  will     also    take    some    base 
measurements   and   photos  of  
your existing cabinets  or  space. 
We  will  collect any  photos and 
ideas that you have to present to 
our in house designer. ​


Our  designer  will  look  at  any 
photos  or  ideas  that you have, 
along with  the   measurements 
and  notes  from the   sales   rep 
and   sketch
 Concept  Drawings 
for  your  project.   The  concept  
design   sketches  along  with  a 
premilinary    quote   will   then 
be  presented to  you to  review.  
At  this   time  we   will   discuss  
available   accessories   options,  
special   features,   and   overall 
design ideas.


Once any  adjustments have been
made and  the  basic concept 

been   approved,    the     concept 

sketches will then be transformed
into   final   CAD   drawings.   The 

Final   Drawings   along   with   a 
Contract and  Payment  Schedule 
will  be  presented  to  you.   This 
process is the last step in order to 
get your project in production.


When you  are  ready  to proceed 
and  a  contract has been  signed, 
your  project  will  be  put  on our 
production  schedule   and   soon 

Your   Project   Will  Begin.   Your
project  will   be   built,   finished, 
and  prepped  for  installation  by 
a team of professional  craftsmen.  
Our  sales   rep   will  periodically 
give you updates  on your project 
throughout the process.


Once  your  project  is in the final 
staging  process,  we will contact 
you with a  proposed
date.   Once  an  install  date  has 
been  agreed  upon,  you  should 
begin   making   preparations  for 
our  arrival.   We  typically install 
most projects in just one day. 


Once    your    project  has   been 
installed,   we   return  to   install 
door     hardware      and     other 
finishing    touches.      We    then 
make    one    follow-up   visit   to 
ensure  that  all  aspects  of  your 
project   have   been   completed. 
We often schedule a professional
photographer   at    this   time   to 
document     another    successful 
project by
Imperial Woodworking.

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